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A 2022 Guide to a Flexible Work Schedule: 3 Steps To Liberty


by George Sordia, May 19, 2022

We discover more and more advantages and disadvantages of flexible working hours since flexible work schedules, and hybrid workforce have become the new normal for employers and their employees. 

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Approximately 76% of employees prefer flexible work schedules as an attractive incentive for improving satisfaction levels.

Flexible work hours refer to giving employees the freedom of adjusting and choosing their working hours and days based on suitability.

But how to achieve it? FOCUS answers the burning questions.

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1. Embracing The Full Power Of Technology

Technology has served incredibly to organizations in resolving the challenges of flexible work arrangements. And what can tech bring to your flexible work arrangement?

Well, these are ONLY some of the benefits…

Communication and Project Management Software Offer Support

Flexible working hours usually have a negative impact on productivity, due to the lack of communication and project integration. Well, not with tech support!

To attain flexible work schedule benefits, managers facilitate resources to the employees to perform assigned tasks. 

Support in providing direction and resources contributes to increasing employees’ morale and getting clarity on performing the duties effectively.

Fostering Virtual Environment

You do know virtual has become as important as the “real” (after work) world? The only thing your employees might miss are tier colleagues, and working in teams. 

Technology helps you improve interactions and develop a collaborative working environment, with connected members to discuss tasks using an online platform.

2. Focus On Employee Recognition And Motivation

Merging flexibility and work environment makes it difficult to adopt relaxation in working scenarios. That is why employees are seeking different ways to motivate their workforce.

One of the best starting points is recognizing their performances and appreciating them for them

Focusing on employee recognition ultimately helps boost their morale and confidence. It further motivates them to manage work in flexible work hours.

Employees engage more with the organization when they are appreciated and included.

3. Don’t Be Adamant About Timings

Although some form of boundaries and availability must be pointed out – try not to be so adamant about timings in a flexible work schedule.

Flexibility in working HOURS means giving liberty to employees to choose their work hours, thereby ensuring the effective accomplishment of the provided goals.

How To Maintain Productivity With Flexible Work Hours

The number of people working from home increased dramatically after 2020. Although a lot of people wish to return to their offices now that life has returned to normal (new normal), many organizations are consistent in implementing more flexible schedule policies.

They hope that because of those flexible work schedules, remote working, and allowing their staff to work from home, they can reap the most desirable business goals, such as:

  1. Concentration on work outcomes and constantly meeting deadlines
  2. Investment in better training and tracking tools
  3. Regular one-on-one meetings
  4. Establishing a Double-Coverage Attendance System
  5. Establishing employee contracts
  6. Making the switch from FaceTime to Flex Time
  7. Daily team meetings
  8. Creating a better collaboration workflow

Flexible work schedules are advantageous to both the business and the employee. While it may seem like a significant change from what we’ve always done, adopting flexible scheduling now helps your company flourish for the future.

Flexible Membership Plans With FOCUS

Increased productivity and greater employee satisfaction are the key benefits our team stands by when promoting flexible working hours for our members.

If you are looking for flexibility at work, and the best tech support, ensure to enroll in our membership program. It’s also FLEXIBLE.

Workspace solutions at FOCUS will help your micro-management issues, within a flexible work schedule, monitor performances, and track working hours.

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