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Recover From a Bad Day at Work In 5 Steps [Revamped for 2022]


by Charlie Cutler, May 26, 2022

First of all – You don’t have to be productive and efficient every day to be successful and happy at work.

There will always be some bad days at work, especially in the current (post)pandemic era. We are all going through tough times. 

Instead of pondering about bad days, you should always keep a positive approach and stay relaxed.

To support you in that intention, FOCUS brings our proven – and 2022 revamped – tips for recovery from a bad day at work.


1. Take a Deep Breath. Concentrate On Breathing

Coping with work-related issues can lead to a plethora of respiratory difficulties. No joke. Many employees experience stiff chest, pain, nausea, dizziness, and all the similar problems usually caused by lack of breath.

if someone scolds you, take a deep breath immediately and try to relax. Then, try to understand your task, and consider the potential of your fault.

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2. Open Up: Talk to Friends/Colleagues 

Sharing thoughts about the difficulties you’ve experienced might help in giving you a different perspective, and better focus or you may see that you’re not the only one struggling there.

Hard days at work happen to everyone, even the top-ranking employees. Especially them. Try to open up. Maybe that tough day at work teaches you lessons that you can incorporate into your everyday life or improve your career.

Getting to have an impeccable work-life experience is a journey. We have also shared some insights on how to get there. Don’t miss it since you’re already here.

LINK: How To Achieve Optimal Work-Life Balance

3. Stretch Your Legs, Go For a Walk, Eat or Listen To Music

Take regular pauses! You’ll need time to calm down and relax if work becomes too stressful. Choose the means to accomplish that goal. 

For some it is to go for a walk and stretch, but for many it will be listening to their favorite podcast or music. Try finding some calming and suiting melodies.

Regular Vacation Also Helps

The power of going on vacation is so simple yet so effective. No work frustration can be solved with a couple of days off and driving to your favorite mountain, seaside, spa, etc. 

Make some quality time to enjoy yourself. Going on vacation freshens up your mind, helps you regain strength, and reinforces your mental state.

4. Find Something That Helps You Release From Stress

Find some activities to practice in your spare time, which will give you the energy to deal with the current stressful situation at work.

Maybe that’s doing yoga, meditation, boxing, going to the gym… Try to disconnect from work when doing it. Doing something unaligned with your workplace (but for yourself) will calm down your mind.

Use all your energy as if there is no tomorrow. This can help you forget all the wrong things that happened at work.

This is one of the main reasons why we at FOCUS have shared areas where people can connect – and disconnect. Mental, as well as physical health, is extremely important in maintaining a well-rounded business life.

5. Think of the Good Days and Things You’ve Had at Work

Although some days at work can be particularly stressful, try to remember all the good things you’ve had from it. All the important stuff you have learned, the experiences you have earned, the people you’ve met.

You have already learned to handle so much. Think about the prizes and recognition you received for your performances. Are these thoughts improving the state of your mind?

We Assure You: That Stressful Phase WILL Pass

You have to know that bad days at work do not last forever. As much as your work can be hectic, employer demanding, or you think that you are working a lot more than others – remember that struggle is there to eventually pass.

You WILL start enjoying your work again.

All of this advice perfectly work for remote employees too. 

I hope my pro, 2022 tips for recovering from a bad day at work help you ACTUALLY recover. Remember that no problem is THAT important to spoil your entire week. 

Relax and move on. That is actually the only way to learn from the problem. Remember, the darkest hours are just before dawn. So – optimism. It will lead you to a great deal of road.


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