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5 Approaches to Successfully Lead a Team


by Charlie Cutler, April 28, 2022

Today, I will be sharing with you some top-notch leadership skills that have proven to be successful in managing big teams in commercial real estate.

If that sounds like something of your interest, keep on reading. But I’m sure every little tip on how to successfully manage teams is more than welcome in the business of the modern age.


What Leadership Is, and What It Should Be

Each person has an idea of what leadership is. For some, a leader is a person in charge, or the one who’s called ‘boss’, or it could be someone who ‘mentors’ or ‘guides’ employees. 

Irrespective of that, there is no single ‘right’ or ‘wrong’ answer to what leadership styles. There’s no particular universally accepted definition. 

Leadership is influencing the attitudes, behaviors, feelings, and feelings of other people; mainly employees.

In an organization, leadership roles tend to be formal. They represent a leader assigned by the organization. Informal leadership arises due to interaction, skill, or the ability of a person to provide guidance. 

There are also many different approaches of leadership styles.

Approaches to Leadership

These approaches are at the same time approved tips, and the answer on how to lead a team, and be successful at it.

  1. The Trait Approach or WHO makes a good leader? This leadership approach is concerned with determining the personal characteristics of good leaders.
  2. The Leader Behavior Approach or WHAT makes a good leader? This approach focuses on the leadership style adopted rather than the individual characteristics or traits of the leader. 
  3. The Leader-Member Exchange Theory points out that leadership can be fully understood by focusing attention on the unique interactions of a supervisor with each subordinate.
  4. The Contingency Theory assumes that good leadership is the interplay of the person, the leader’s behavior, and the situation.

Thus it asks the following question:

Under a given condition, who will be a good leader, and what behavior is likely to be effective?

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Let’s Talk  Leadership Style

What are the traits that one leader should have? Because we all know that not all of us are born to be leaders. Some research has shown that a good leader should be:

  1. Participative
  2. Autocratic, or, more to say directive
  3. Achievement focused
  4. Considerate
  5. Initiator

Multiple studies state that the participative leadership style positively affects employee productivity, trust, and performance-boosting the overall morale of the organization. 

But the directive must come from a person who has all these traits. A leader does not involve subordinates in decision-making. This includes setting challenging tasks, goals and emphasizing high-performance standards

The amount of concern the leader shows for the happiness and welfare of their employees encourages a positive organizational climate and spikes engagement. 

This helps increase task management and team building, ensuring effective communication, and reducing conflict

How Can FOCUS Help You With Leadership

Leadership can be tricky, we know, but don’t worry. FOCUS can help you tailor decision-making and leadership personalized to your organization using relevant amenities and coworking space plans that inspire actionable results.

FOCUS uses surveys to gather feedback and leadership data from teams, departments, or the entire organizations that work with us

This allows feedback at an individual, micro-level as well as at an organizational level so that issues, grievances, and feedback can be managed and addressed better without it resulting in conflicts at a later stage

Leaders are made step-by-step. Forged along the way. Leaders must learn, and thrive on the feedback from their employees. FOCUS helps guide leaders to make smarter and better decisions. Let’s move forwards happier, with engaged employees that are happy with where they work.

We bring you a revolution towards quicker, better engagement at your fingertips. Contact us today.

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