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Coworking in Life Sciences – A Place To Test, Develop And Grow


by Johan Quie, October 5, 2021

Empowered by technology, shared resources, and the support of a community, coworking spaces quickly became a new model for maintaining a great work-life balance.

This innovative concept was especially attractive to freelancers and small businesses, aiming to establish their image as a magnet for independent, diverse, and creative businesses.

Later on, new coworking models emerged, including co-working for scientists, that we’re able to connect early-stage companies to the capital and resources required to pursue and commercialize promising science.

There are three consistent coworking improvements that unite the approaches of companies dealing in life science.

Coworking In Life Science Reduced Science Startup Costs 

Scientific entrepreneurs are usually faced with high rents, lab construction costs that are 2-3 times what an office would be, the cost of furnishing cutting-edge scientific equipment, and the daunting operational and safety concerns of starting a research lab. 

The coworking model reduced science startup costs by a factor of 10 and accelerated the timeline for setting up a lab facility by 6 to 9 months.

FOCUS operates by this model. Our coworking spaces for scientists offer leasing advantages, immediately usable space, and a ready-made entrepreneurial community.

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It Lets The Scientist Just Do Science

As with any good research facility design, it’s important to start with the operational model. According to life scientists, the ability to move into a lab and start research within weeks of securing financing carries tremendous value to start-ups. 

This is true not only for entrepreneurs in that very first phase but also when they need to grow beyond an incubator’s capacity

Turnkey, flexible space with shared elements can be of great value post-graduation, too. Removing the challenges of building out labs, procuring scientific equipment, securing environmental permits, and developing vendor relationships allows entrepreneurs to put investment capital directly into the idea.

Connects Entrepreneurs With The Resources They Need To Grow

To succeed, all scientists need not only the physical resources of benches, equipment, and a safe facility to work in, but also conduits to investment capital, legal advisors, industry and academic partners, and most importantly the mentorship of more experienced colleagues. 

It’s no coincidence that most coworking labs are located in strong academic and science clusters where an established support network of suppliers, advisors, and investors can be engaged to generate a robust network of supporters with a shared interest in advancing life science.

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Cultivates A Distinct, Supportive Culture

One only needs to spend a few minutes looking at the FOCUS entrepreneur community to recognize a playful, but deliberately cultivated community. And we are proud of that.

Scientific partnerships are often based on not only value, but trust plays a much larger role – forged through social interaction. 

Our hospitality-inspired spaces for meetings and events reinforce a shared commitment to accelerating scientific discovery, enables rewarding social experiences, and nurtures a culture of collaboration and entrepreneurship.

There are several projects that are in motion even now, that are offering a glimpse into coworking for science in the post COVID era.

Connecting people will continue to be vital for us, and our coworking laboratories in the near future will be adaptable to meet the needs of life science companies. 

Our goal is also to engage more companies on a grander scale. We stand at the forefront of connecting the advances in different life science fields that have occurred over the last decade, and the shared resources, structure for growth, and community – making an ideal catalyst for future innovation.

We Let You FOCUS On What’s Important

FOCUS welcomes you in the premier co-working spaces for life science startups. We provide unique places where you can test, develop and grow your game-changing ideas.

As entrepreneurs and investors ourselves, we have first-hand experience with the pain points biotech start-ups face. 

Our goal is to change how scientific entrepreneurs do business by building an ecosystem that empowers bio innovators to grow quickly while maximizing efficiency.

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