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3 Advantages of Coworking Spaces


by Hannah Freeman, June 10, 2021

Coworking spaces are shared workplaces utilized by many sorts of professionals, mostly freelancers, working in various stages of specialization in the vast domain of industries. 

The history of shared office spaces is surprisingly longer than some could think. These spaces are one of the by-products of the phenomenon called the “sharing economy” or collaborative consumption. 

This phenomenon also emerged with the startup culture – one of the main users of the advantages of coworking spaces.

With the US being a leading force in the rise in the number of startups, we are a culture that has paved the way for the popularity of coworking spaces, and the culture that exploits the advantages of coworking spaces most.

And this is why…

1. More networking and collaboration opportunities

The key benefit of coworking spaces is that they provide an enthusiastic area where all of your employees and even clients can coexist. Coworking space benefits your business by:

  • Providing a fertile ground for finding like-minded people
  • Bringing those people who have common interests and goals together
  • Being able to adjust the needed quantity of socialization

When you are working from home or in an independent office, there might be a chance that you are robbing yourself to connect with other people, to make important connections that can drive your business forward.

Collaborating with others always goes hand in hand with success, and shared coworking spaces only make you open to this opportunity.

Also, positioning yourself close to more, and even big companies can influence your success, because – the more successful people you meet and have the chance to talk and work with – the greater is the chance to make fruitful collaborations.

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2. Increased productivity and creativity

The mere act of having a routine that drives you, and gets you up by a certain time every morning, can affect your mind and put you in the mindset to accomplish things on your to-do list.

While working from home does offer a certain level of comfort, it’s also way easier to get distracted – and distraction is never good for business cash flow.

On the other hand, shared working spaces are dedicated to avoid costly distractions, and simultaneously use various ways to boost your productivity and creativity.

Coworking spaces benefits you by providing insight and exposure to other kinds of work and even workflows that can help your business.

At Focus, you’ll always find many professionals of different profiles (students and business people) who are working diligently on their current projects, using many amenities to improve their final product.

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3. Cost-Efficiency and greater flexibility

Coworking spaces can provide advantages especially to those businesses in the beginning, starting from scratch, and to whom renting an office can be expensive. Coworking spaces offer a flexible and less expensive workspace – all the important and more preferred options for those starting out in business.

Affordable rates are the primary reason why most startups stay in a coworking space. Also, flexible agreements with coworking spaces mean that you can scale at your own pace, without the pressure or rigidity of long-term leases traditionally involved in these kinds of deals. This flexibility is absolutely essential to growing businesses.

Although all the advantages of coworking space depend on the specific needs of your business, no one can deny that the advantages of coworking spaces are perfect for growing your business. 

If you’re looking for an option to provide you with connections, more productive ideas, a positive working environment, and a healthy work-life balance, while reducing cost and getting expertise from fellow startup entrepreneurs – then a coworking space at Focus is more than you could ever ask for.

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