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5 Reasons Why Coworking Spaces Are Talent Magnets


by George Sordia, November 16, 2021

Flexible offices, flexible working hours, surrounded by people sharing your ideas – well, you don’t have to be a genius to fall in love with this kind of arrangement and lifestyle.

And yes – coworking spaces are some form of lifestyle because they harbor so many different people of different professions, entrepreneurs, freelancers, etc.

But, wait – why do all these accomplished (and yet to be accomplished) people choose to spend their working hours in these places? The answer to that question is pretty obvious if you think about it.

1. Coworking Spaces Are a Great Opportunity For Networking and Collabs

Every business can benefit from brainstorming and collaboration and this kind of business interaction between professionals in coworking spaces is very common. 

Oftentimes, members of a shared working space help each other with plans and projects by exchanging business ideas, and some of them even end up working together long-term.

In shared coworking spaces you can connect to any professional, across a wide range of industries, and easily complete whatever your tasks impose with their support – more effectively and eventually more efficiently.

2. A Place Where People Get “Spotted”

It is not a secret that entrepreneurs and business owners utilize coworking spaces as a means to find and acquire employees or short-term contractors

It is also a way to build a solid coworking team knowing that those people are already accustomed to sharing ideas, equipment, amenities, and share many attributes that are conducive to becoming a productive (remote) worker.

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3. It Is a Place Where People Go To Educate Themselves and Learn

You must have heard that a lot of workshops, seminars, and conferences are being held in shared office spaces. 

This is because every owner of every shared space has a lot of benefits if he attracts more people – and what better than with interesting topics and good educators.

Coworking spaces support learning and education for entrepreneurs, employees, and freelancers, where they can learn more about new trends and market innovations from people who have already experienced them.

For instance, employees working in marketing and IT can attend a suitable event, where they can learn more about conversion statistics, selling products, or growing an email list, and then apply the knowledge to their business.

Have you heard of the “teach-and-learn” formula?

Coworking spaces wildly encourage visitors of coworking spaces to learn from one another. And it makes sense very much, because if you’re surrounded by like-minded people who are ready to give you a hand – why not take it?

4. The Flexibility Is The Key

Talented people, especially from the millennial compound, don’t like harsh working environments and not being able to take productive breaks, or manage their working hours as they feel works best for them.

This is why flexibility plays a crucial role in acquiring and maintaining new talent – and coworking spaces are No. 1 in this.

Overworked employees don’t react well to pressure or even their environment, and with flexible working hours, you can prevent resignations, bad atmosphere and retain employees longer.

Did Covid affect the flexibility regiment?

Yes (and no). No, because a lot of serious companies have already provided their employees with the advantage of working from home, at least once a week. 

And Yes, because from now on, even more companies expect to allow their employees to work from home for one whole week in the month.

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5. Better Work-Life Balance

Freelancers and self-employed entrepreneurs usually work from home all day, leaving little to no space to think of life and work balance

This can lead to thinking of your home as an office and continuing to work more hours, and potentially neglecting your family’s needs.  

This is why 22% of employees leave their jobs as a result of a work-life balance issue. 

Loneliness and sadness are also grave problems for some home-workers since they tend to have less interaction with other people and colleagues.

Coworkers are meant to easily find new friends, have lunch together, exchange ideas, be part of a community and become messengers of the office culture.

Getting out of your personal comfort zone (that’s usually the house) is crucial to becoming mentally stronger and learning how to better concentrate at work. Coworking spaces can also improve your social skills and increase motivation.

Being a member of a coworking space means that you usually get built-in amenities to your service. 

It’s cost-effective, gives you more comfort, and saves tons of time.

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