Millennials in the office

How are millennials redefining coworking culture?


by Hannah Freeman, December 14, 2020

The need for comfortable spaces to work and relax while improving your overall productivity is wildly popular and accepted by folks in very different fields.  The working lifestyle that millennials have imposed is being felt by workplaces of different kinds. Millennials have redefined the way organizations look at workspaces. The traditional office culture, with its monotonous and strict regulations, has paved the way for the rising trend of comfortable, and lenient coworking spaces. 

These new trends specialized in giving the employees the perfect combination of performance optimization, relaxation, and freedom through an office’s layouts and amenities. Let’s learn more about the millennial-office future.

The Psychology of Millennials

Millennials tend to be high-performance centered and focused on things that improve productivity at work. They are on the lookout for work satisfaction and contentment and feel threatened when their freedom is absent.

A healthy work-life balance is one of the most sought out factors by millennials when they choose the job or plan on starting an organization by themselves. Millennials are shown to be highly ambitious and productive and seek out settings that can facilitate those goals.

Coworking spaces should be suitable for working and at the same time be comfortable: The spaces are often open, colorful, and “new-age”. They also tend to have a high frequency of engagement events, get-togethers, and more, all for the needs of extracting maximum productivity, and elevating the performance of the organization.

Modern coworking space

The Growth of Workplace Optimization

Coworking as a concept has existed since the mid-20th century but gained bigger attention in the past few years. According to many studies, the industry has been hitting peaks, with a high number of organizations using coworking spaces in recent years.

Coworking spaces are now occupied by many organizations and niches and have become a sort of home for thousands of professional millennials. These include solo entrepreneurs and also publicly traded companies who have set up shop at coworking offices, rather than the traditional office lease.

Technology is making coworking more accessible and provides a better understanding of how work and worker satisfaction can be best optimized. Based on various studies, the primary reason for these changes is millennials.

The flux of new blood in the workforce did not only change the atmosphere but rather was the reason for the transition from traditional working offices to the optimal coworking spaces.

Influence of Millennials on Workspace Design  

Millennials are the major topic mostly associated with the multi-generational conflict in our culture (home and office). But with the multi-generational workforce comes a different dynamic as everyone brings their valuable skills to maximize the benefits of a workplace environment.

Also, technology has made it possible to work from anywhere and anytime, but an office is a  place for connecting and collaborating. Conventional offices have been substituted with flexible and highly interactive workspaces, technology-enabled, and collaborative in nature.

Shared physical spaces promote interaction, support motivation, ability, and give the opportunity to share knowledge and experiences. Spatial layouts offer better accessibility, visibility, and short walking distances, known to affect face-to-face interaction. 

Additionally, when co-working spaces offer the possibility to participate in community events and interaction, that should be further encouraged with the purpose of entering communities and creating new contacts.

Coworking Spaces Becoming A Trend in Real Estate

Launching a business and working in an office that is already set up with all the facilities, amenities, and securities adds value to the experience of employees. That is why companies are spending millions on finding the right office building, with nice layouts, in nice neighborhoods, and insisting on creative minds to help in brainstorming and troubleshooting.

Flexible office spaces are witnessing a surging demand in recent years, responding to the need for newly emerged coworking spaces imagined by our millennials. Half a decade ago we saw the rise of startups, and the concept of coworking space tagged along. 

The culture which was once primarily patronized by startups is now expanding its horizon to include corporates, media, eCommerce, and multinational companies who are in need of additional space on a temporary basis or want it for their special needs.

If you are looking for a workspace for your business or have questions about growing your office, don’t hesitate to reach out to our team.

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