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Safe Behaviour Tips For Coworking Space Users


by Hannah Freeman, December 6, 2021

Coworking spaces are one of the most challenged areas of business that suffered the most changes during the COVID-19 pandemic.

But this doesn’t mean it’s all gone forever!

Experts are quite positive about the situation getting better and they are sure that with the consistent adoption of the flexible workspace model, things will eventually calm down.

Speaking of short-term changes we can all make in order to cut off on the initial turbulence, we’ll need to focus on two essential elements to preserve our coworking culture.

P.S These measures can be applied to every size of workspace, team, and resource.

1. Cutting Costs But Adding Value

How can we achieve that?

Your financial resources are also going through a crisis, so you have to know your numbers. There’s no need to spend extra money on electricity just because you are used to leaving the light on – in broad daylight.

Water too; think about if there is a need for a washing machine? This “machine” spends less water and cleans the dishes better.

The same goes for ovens. They should be replaced with microwaves since they need less electricity to make your food nice and hot for lunch.

Upon return, it is the time to get extremely cautious about your spendings and cut any unnecessary costs, but at the same time make an effort to create a workspace that’s enjoyable and that somehow “works for us”.

Every good coworking space works like that. A good example is a space as Focus, where people are happy to be spending time in, and where they get the job done because amenities are working for their success.

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Invest in customer retention by adding value

Customer retention is crucial for helping your business survive through a crisis. Of course, you cannot expect to maintain financial stability by relying on additional services, but adding value will help enhance customer loyalty.

Besides incorporating previously mentioned amenities, you can manage to convince your members to stick with you during the crisis by these simple steps:

  1. Maintain a strong community – keep them posted/updated and amused
  2. Provide knowledge and useful resources
  3. Make new connections and introductions
  4. Host community and professional events (online, of course).

2. Show Others That You Are Taking Care

…Of yourself and others.

Communication in times of crisis is crucial. Use all possible channels to communicate the measures you’re taking in order to update the security of all of you, and inspire others to follow in your steps.

Let your people know how the situation is affecting the business and how it will affect them as employees if they don’t give their support and available contribution to help adapt to the situation.

As coworking space owners, at Focus, we’re engaged with your members and your businesses. We are all going through hard times so being there for others is key to identifying how you can support others and how they can support you.

Approach the process as a partner, rather than a vendor. This will build trust and loyalty which will have a long-term positive effect.

This might help!

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Provide Hand Sanitizer

Germs are all over us, and many of them are not to be feared, but – in the light of current events, just one employee entering the office and carrying specific germs on their hands can make a disaster.

Placing hand sanitizers and wipes around the office, specifically in high-traffic areas like kitchens and meeting rooms, can help decrease the spread of bacteria and viruses.

Avoid this common mistake!

Placing hand sanitizers in the bathroom is somehow a waste of resources. Proper hand wash gel is more effective than sanitizer, so keep sanitizing kits in areas where people can’t or won’t wash their hands.

Clean and Disinfect Items and Desks More Frequently

Regular cleaning and disinfecting high-traffic areas like desks, door handles, keyboards, monitors, and similar surfaces can reduce the spread of germs. These steps are especially important during cold and flu season.

Cleaning also should include all kitchen appliances like refrigerators, microwaves, coffee machines, and even photocopier buttons.

At Focus, our several-point office check system ensures a thoroughly clean office and coworking space each time you and your team arrive.

We are keeping any shared space clean, organized, secure and comfortable because we know that the coworking space is our members’ second home.

The environment of a coworking space defines the community and it, therefore, has to be cared for by all the members of our community.

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