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The Three Most Important Pillars Of A Modern Workspace


by Johan Quie, December 25, 2019

Designing a workspace to fit into the modern era needs and necessities of an equally modern workforce, is to tap into your greatest competitive advantages your business can provide.

Your company certainly will transform over the years, but your employees will always remain your most powerful asset. That is why the creative ability they bring to their jobs stands out as a unique source of innovation that no technological advancement can provide in the long run.

Combining people, with the right tools and space, you become one step closer to unleashing their creative approaches, and witnessing how true innovation is born.

So, how do you inspire and ultimately build such a working environment?

People – The Foundation Of a Modern Workspace

In business, we always need all hands on deck. That is why we also have to look for opportunities to remove barriers to productivity and creativity so that you can concentrate on encouraging the entire team. Discouraged employees can have a significantly adverse effect on confidence, productivity, and the final outcome of the project.

In the past, company managers handled people, spaces, and technologies like completely separate entities. Workers only came together at predetermined points to compare and discuss issues, returning to their individual tasks upon finishing them.

But businesses are finding new ways to holistically treat the fact of how people can interact with technology in the physical space. The lines are being more and more dimmed, and workers are coming together more freely to collaborate, elevating their results in the process.

Individuals And Teams

As problems have become more complex, people need opportunities and spaces to focus on. By limiting distractions to quickly get into a productive mode and stay there longer, they will be completely able to set their goals, focus on the challenges at hand, and apply creative talents to develop innovative solutions.

Creative Space Solutions

It’s clearWorkspaces must be designed to accommodate and empower individuals and team workers by incorporating areas that provide both privacy and collaborative environments.

Around 80% of workers believe their financial success depends on their ability to be creative. At the same time, more than 60% of workers believe they are not living up to their creative potential, due to bad, improper, or even toxic space solutions used for materials, color palettes, etc.

Even as today’s office design encourages collaboration, workers still have the need for space that allows not just group productivity, but the individual as well. This way, they are most likely to perform at a level exceeding the demands of the task.

Working with the rhythm of the day

It has been suggested that more than 40% of employees now spend more time away from their desks than they did two years ago. Enhanced technology has drastically shifted the rhythm of a typical workday.

Much of this transformation is due to a shift from a very narrow, efficiency-focused workflow, to the one that includes more artistic and productive practice across various collaborative responsibilities.

Creative and modern office

The right setting for your best work

Location plan has a big influence on the work individuals and teams are able to do. Your workers should feel equally as comfortable to work in close proximity as in meeting rooms, but cramped cubicles, isolated corner offices, and stuffy meeting rooms are a thing of the past and should be avoided.

Creating areas that support different work methods for complex tasks guarantees that your employees are more comfortable.

Technology – The new ecosystem

Is it time to look at how you’re investing in technology?
Space isn’t the only key factor at play. Your workers need the right tools to drive consistent routine and enhance engagement. That is where technology comes in. Even with the right space, if you don’t have the right technology, people won’t feel the benefit of their offices or common rooms.

Staggering, faulty, and antiquated tech is the last thing your workers have time for when running between individual work and brainstorming or team gatherings. They need to rely upon a device to function exactly the way they needquickly, efficiently, seamlessly, and effectively.

We have learned that technology and space are more interdependent and that gadgets available in the workplace make a huge difference in the quality of work – as an outcome of that space.

Inspiring creativity doesn’t end with breakroom table tennis, snack drawers, and colorful meeting spots. It requires innovative tools in thoughtfully designed spaces to support your team’s unique creative processes so that nothing stands between your workers’ wish to create and the right tools to help him/her succeed.

Improved communication, enhances collaboration, and supports creativity in all its forms. With tech gadgets and tools available these days, enhancing well-spent time has become more possible than ever before.

Here’s what we know

People play a crucial role in your company’s success, as their ideas are your competitive advantage. By looking holistically at people, technology, and the spaces in which they work, you can inspire great accomplishments.

One thing’s certain: We must transform to meet today’s complex business challenges. Right now. IPG is here as an expert who can help you identify the best workplace that fits your firm’s needs.

Even by taking simple steps now, with a trial-and-error approach, you will determine what works best for you, and pave the way forward for your company’s future success. The important thing is to get started now.

The challenge remains – innovations must match today’s complex challenges or they will become outpaced. Forward-thinking and updating business models and organizational structures means going ahead. It takes a holistic approach to create an environment that caters to an employee’s best results while playing to their creative strengths.

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